Taking the Plunge

Hey Guys! I’m Courtney, and my journey to creating my own blog began about a year ago when a very close friend introduced me to lifestyle bloggers on instagram and I was instantly intrigued. An entire community dedicated to telling me what to buy? I am so in. Little did I know just how much I would begin to get to know and trust every “influencer” I followed. Then almost every one of them posted favorite jeans and they were all from Abercrombie and Fitch. I went straight back to angsty, self-conscious, middle school, me and had a bit of an identity crisis. Even though I don’t really know these people, I had trusted their opinions but Abercrombie? How could they? How old are we? And then I took the plunge.

jeans1.jpgAs soon as I worked up the courage to check out the site, I realized how different this retailer was. No longer was everything made for people much smaller than me; there was stretchy denim, oversized t-shirts, and jeans that came in waist sizes! After leaving several items in my shopping cart for over a week, I took a chance and made a small online purchase. To my surprise, everything fit well! I found some of my favorite fall denim in a place I never thought I would go back to; Abercrombie and Fitch.

While this is a silly story about my weird aversion and flashbacks to awkward times it speaks to just how important it is to try things that might make you uncomfortable. This small moment has challenged me to create my own little positive space to share with others about my journey to body positivity, good health, being brave, and love for all things fashion.

Over the years I have had an interest in fashion; from helping friends pair shoes that give their look a pop, to sharing about sales with anyone who will listen, to marathon shopping and finding gems in the clearance rack, I’ve built up some experience in the world of dressing cute and shopping smart. Now that I’ve discovered the world of instagram influencers/lifestyle bloggers I am ready to share my little corner of the world with others. I hope that my personal style, short girl sass, and blonde ambition will inspire others to try new things, get creative with fashion, and share their own stories.

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