Girl’s Trip!

Ran away to Capitola for the weekend.

If you know me, you know I love the ocean. Any ocean, any season, but the cute little beach town of Capitola has a very special place in my heart. It was one of my mom’s favorite places and her dream was to retire there or somewhere similar. So when two of my favorite girlfriends asked if I wanted to head down their for a wine walk obviously the only answer was YASSSSS! So we headed down for the weekend to enjoy the annual Capitola Village Sip and Stroll.

First things first, we checked into the Capitola Hotel. I’ve never stayed here before and I was very impressed. It’s a quaint little place with 10 unique rooms to choose from. We stayed in the Grand Bahama because it fit all three of us and it was adorable!

Then it was time for the Sip and Stroll! We had so much fun wandering in and out of all of the small businesses sprinkled around Capitola Village.

After a long day of drinking, dinner was in order! My friend and I both follow a blogger who we love and she recommended a cute little Italian place, Caruso’s so we gave it a shot! They don’t take reservations and only have about 8 tables so you just have to stop by and see if they have a spot. We were so excited to get in and it was delicious!

Then time for some cocktails to end the night! We stopped by Margaritaville and (you guessed it) had margaritas. Then we came across Sotola Bar and Grille where they served fancy craft cocktails.

The town shuts down fairly early so we headed off to bed. The next morning, after a delicious continental breakfast at our hotel, we spent some time taking in the ocean views. We even found a cute little cafe on the second story of a building where you could sip your coffee with a view. Something interesting we noticed was that there were birds all over the beach. I have never seen so many in one place before. It was a very interesting way to see the beach and ocean.

Overall, the trip was a blast. I even had a small sign from my mom while I was there. She used to make these drinks at family parties out of Sprite, RedBull, Lemonda, and Vodka that tasted amazing and called the “Life is Good”. Now we often drink them and think of her even though no one remembers that that was the original name. So I walk into the hotel and looked at the wifi code…..

Thanks for reading!


Courtney Nicole

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