Everything is Cancelled: Spring 2020

As spring weather shows itself, children prepare for the last part of the school year, and flowers bloom, Corona virus reared its ugly head and cancelled all of our plans until (probably) summer. Naturally, the response to this was one of disappointment and sadness but I have been working hard to change my mindset and keep things positive. Instead of focusing on all of things that I’ve missed out on or may be rescheduled, I have stopped to document all of the things I’ve been doing differently that I’m actually enjoying. I’ve created a list of different ways my life has been effected by this virus and how it’s bringing me positivity.

  1. Work – I am an early childhood educator working with two year olds currently. I am feeling very blessed to have the assurance that I will receive my paycheck until the end of our school year. This has helped me to realize just how amazing my school community is and to feel truly honored to be a member of my team. It has also given me the opportunity to run online circle time with 2 year olds which is so much fun! I am reading stories, singing songs, and laughing with my two year old friends while projected on their televisions, ipads, laptops, and more. They truly think I am a celebrity youtube star at this point.

2. Work – I have so much work from home time that I can truly focus on professional development hours, being mindful about the content I am bringing to the children, created a story time youtube channel, and more. I had joined an amazing Reggio based community called the Wonder Tribe earlier in the year and hadn’t had much time to explore the resources, now I am able to use all of these resources to their full capacity and use them as my professional development opportunity during this “work from home” period of time. While it is very difficult not to see the children, families, and my co-teachers in person, this virus has given me opportunities to dive deep and reflect on who I am as an educator.

3. Personal – Connecting virtually has created a space where I find myself spending hours chatting on Zoom or Webex with people who I may not have been hanging out with regularly because of distance, business of life, or whatever. The combination of slowing life down a bit and pushing everyone to use virtual platforms has strengthened my connections with so many people. While I miss seeing people in real life, it has been nice to connect in new and different ways while stuck inside out homes.

4. Personal – I have a deep love for shopping in general, but especially for online shopping. During these trying times, it has been so important to support small businesses. Through following other bloggers/instagrammers I have found some really cool small businesses to support while their in person storefronts are closed. I was able to send a cute gift from a local shop to my cousin in Washington and I have even ordered some items from myself that I may have passed on if I could have gone out shopping in person.

I bought this sweater from a cute small business I discovered on the gram. You can head there for more details.

5. Personal – Spending time at home has created a lot more time and space to work on my instagram audience and blogging. I have definitely spent more time building and cultivating my instagram following and here I am writing new content for my blog! I am excited to take this time in my life to focus more on this part of my life.

I hope that these few positive outlooks are a light for you in these stressful times. I am working hard to stay positive and find ways to make this uncomfortable situation work for me. I’m looking forward to socializing in person again but until then I will make the most of what we have all been given. Stay safe and healthy!


Courtney Nicole

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