Courtney Nicole

Just an almost plus sized girl trying to bring some quality fashion content to the blog world…

I’ve loved getting dressed up or “put together” for as long as I can remember. One day, as I was scrolling through other blogs and instagrams that I trust and enjoy, I realized I could do it too! So here we are.


‘Inbetweenie Style’

My weight and clothing size fluctuates a bit but I am generally between a US size 12-18 or XL-2X depending on brands and materials. This classifies be as not quite plus size since I still sometimes fit straight sizes which makes me an ‘inbetweenie’.

Amateur Handbag Collector

Right before my own eyes, I’ve slowly built a collection of nicer designer bags. I’m not sure how I ended up investing so much but they are amazing and deserve a space to shine.

Toddler Teacher

In my ‘real life’ I work with tiny humans and do my best to teach them to be good people. You might notice my manicure isn’t perfect or liquid water color stains on my cuticles occasionally; this is why.